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Yoga Set For Starters

Throughout the day, you and I are under severe strain

Комплекс йоги для начинающих

Throughout the day, you and I are under severe strains that can lead to different diseases. So to prevent this, we're offering you a yoga set for starters. After your second training, you'll feel the body becoming obedient and the muscles are being strengthened. Plus, you're going to sleep harder, and all the problems are going to be solved with lungs, and for us students, it's a very important factor.

1. For relaxation.

Sit down, cross your legs, feel how the spine is relaxed and elongated. You can reach a little upwards with your scrubbed feet. Just sit in this pod for a few minutes, breathe as deep as you can. It'll help build an effective charge and reduce stress.

2. Inclination forward.

Sit down, straighten your feet. Slowly reach your toes. Focus on exhalation-- at this point, the dried and the leg muscles will be more subtle to the maximum tensile. Say it five times.

3. The baby.

Get on your knees, put them on the width of your shoulder, hold your hands behind your torso. Slowly lean forward, put your head down completely. In such a relaxed pose, take three to four minutes with breaks, breathe deep and sharp, feel the rest of your back.

4. Screaming.

Put your right hand on your left knee. Put your left hand behind the torso, slowly turn left. Turn your head with the hull, look left. Breathe as deep as you can! Slowly get back to the reference position, feel the cosmic and side muscles of the press, thigh muscles. Say the same thing to your right leg.

5. For the goddess.

Lie on your back, kneel and tie your feet together. Keep your hands on the side. Breathe straight, try to stretch the inside muscles of the hip and feel it. Stay in this position while you're comfortable, two minutes is enough.

6. Legs on the wall.

Raise your straight legs and put them on the wall. Touch and hands relax. Take three minutes in this position, breathe the air full of chest. Try to get rid of all the other thoughts, feel like the tense backs and feet rest.

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