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Yoga Starts From Scratch

10 councils, how to create an ideal working dayый

Cтудия йоги и йогатерапии «

1. The day started yesterday...

In my leni mailing, I shared the most powerful statement: the morning begins yesterday.

So, according to this rule, it's gonna be a little hard to concentrate this morning: what you need to do today, but it's much easier the night before tonight to identify three important things that you're gonna do in the working hours of the next day.

Come on, let's get ready (to gather material, plan the next day, etc.) again, from tonight.

2. Light clearance

I don't know how to do a force training this morning. I think the organism hasn't woke up yet, but he's got, uh, run, box.
But light physical clearance will help you wake up and cheer up. In combination with your soul, you'll feel like a different person. What can it be? Light walk in fresh air, light stretches, yoga for startersHermes Trismegista's gymnastics. Think of the photo shoot at school.

3. Morning shower

Take the rule, wake up with the shower. It's a great tool you can do to make your work day perfect. A lot of people say that it's not good for a man to wash every day, but if you just polished yourself with a cool waterman (or make yourself a counterfeit soul) - that procedure is just to improve your feelings, it'll lead to a quick tone better than any energy.

4. One time, one thing.

Don't spray yourself on anything. I mean, if you're dealing with this case, you're the only one who's trying to do it in the hour. If you're tired of it, you can (and you need) switch to another case that you're only doing it again without distracting from the side.

The best way to get up is to be a multitasker, trying to do both in one hour. Unfortunately, there is a need for an amendment to human possibilities, which, unfortunately, does not have many challenges.

If you don't become such a jumper, you'll have a very simple day planner in which, in turn and priority, you'll tell me where and when you're doing something.

Speaking of priority...

5. Parade Act

All fascinated law. Only more efficient people he didn't make. I take care of him, for he's in many cases breaking formal logic. (Statia, the relevance of the Paris Law) However, I repeat: " 20 per cent of efforts produce 80 per cent of the results, while the remaining 80 per cent are only 20 per cent of the result. "

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