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Yoga With The South Of The Coma For Starters

Books for self-identification from the south of the rabid

What are the books better to read to those who start to practice yoga? I'll share with you the literature that influenced my vision.


The first book that opened the yoga world to me was Veda, a collection of ancient Hindu writings.

Bhagawad-Gita is the most famous ancient Indian literature monument. This text will be understood by everyone. He teaches the unity of all aspects of life, needs to take into account all options for the development of the situation, even if one is possible. That simple truth inspired me.

The second text, which gave me a strong impression, was “Yoga-Dra” Patanjali. It's the main yoga school text. It addresses a wide range of issues, ranging from moral, physical and mental aspects of human life to self-realization.

Another ancient text, the Hatha-yoga Pradiapika by Swami Swatmarama. It's written in the Hindu Philosopher's yoga school and dedicated to Shiva, who gave secret knowledge of the Hatha-yoga of his divine husband Parwati.

These books are necessary to understand the origin and development of the yoga, they give it deep meaning and are accessible to everyone.

The yoga technology is described in a lot of modern work. These are books that, in my view, shape the right attitude towards the body in practice:

2. Anatoly Pahomov Hatha-yoga: correct vertebral approach.

3. Pavel White, Tatiana White " yoga Anatomy " (he can be purchased on the ŽIVI!

4. Ar Eddar Food Track.

In conclusion, a few books from the spiritual literature that were very influenced by me (listing from more accessible to complex):

1. Paramax Yogananda, Autobiography Yoga.

3. Nisargagatta Maharaj I am To.

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