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Become Yoga

How to be yoga

Изображение с названием Be a Yogi Step 1


  1. Practice yoga for health, spiritual peace and education. You're yoga or yogin if you practice yoga for health, beauty, power, relaxing or healing. You're yoga or yogin if you practice yoga for spiritual peace, happiness and enlightenment. You're yoga or yogin if you're enlightened. Enlightenment means living in God, in light, in space consciousness.
  2. Be a teist or atheist. In modern yoga, your religion is your right. Yoga teaches the unity of all religions. You can be yoga and Hindu, Christian, Muslim, Buddhist or atheist. Atheist can be yoga if he or she wants to achieve internal peace and happiness.
    • You can be yoga Christian if you want.Изображение с названием Be a Yogi Step 2 The most important Christian yoga were Fathers and Mothers of Deserts. Their master was Antony Great.
  3. Practice yoga, meditation and positive thinking. The three most important yoga books are Yoga-Sutra Patanjali, Khatha-Yoga-Pradipika Goraksha, and Bhagawad-Gita from Krishna. Therefore, the main yoga technologies are: positive thinking (Pathanjali), meditation (Pathanjali), work with the body (Goraxa), prayer (Krishna) and love for the whole family (Crishna).
  4. Examine the five main features: truth, peace, love, self-discipline and happiness.Изображение с названием Be a Yogi Step 3 Sri Ravi Shankar, Jaggy Vasudev, Swami Shiwananda, Sri Andamai Ma, Satya Sai Baba, Mata Amritanandamaya and Mother Miira are important modern yoga masters. They're teaching the basic characteristics.
  5. Go ahead with the dedication. It's a good idea to take the lead with a trained master. He or she will open the doors to your enlightenment energy. But realize that you must practice and carry out your education on your own. And to have patience, the light will come when you're ready.
  6. Clean yourself up and become happy. Spiritual, human beings can be compared to the onions. Tensions and conflicts must be resolved by layer. When one layer is extinguished, the next one quickly appears on the surface, and so long as the inner core is not open. At this point, permanent internal joy will be found, and yoga or yogin will live in light (without reality, what remains to be done).

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