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Can You Start Yoga By Yourself

In the face of how important it is to practice yoga at home

The yoga instructors at classes often speak of the importance of personal, self-sustaining practices. But how do we get to her?


People come to yoga differently. For the first time, someone's trying to do asses in the Fitness Club, someone's got a yoga on the book. Can we call private practice these incompetent yoga attempts? On the one hand, yes! Everything we're doing on the yoga path, and that's our practice. On the other hand, it is difficult for a newcomer to build his classes in a way that meets the needs of his body and is of maximum benefit.

Yoga puts a heavy strain on all muscles and joints. Only with the right vertebral position and the right breathing of the asan is beneficial, or otherwise, can harm. That is why starting to do better under the leadership of an experienced instructor who will monitor and help overcome difficulties. Besides, with a yoga on a book or a CD, you're limited in the choice of asan and their sequences. During the “living” lessons, you learn a lot more interesting variations. You can also charge the group's energy, inspire an example of the instructor, ask him questions and ask for individual consultations.

Employment Go home. under conditions

And here you go to the club a few times a week. Why do you have to practice yoga at home? Then that's how you stop depending on the schedule of the club and the instructor. And you can do as you want and as you like at any time of the day, on a rug or without, in silence or for music. You can stay in a position longer, and the one that doesn't work again a few times. Big plus personal practice and that no one distracts and can deepen down into asses and respiratory equipment, better feel their impact.

Of course, personal practice needs to be seen. And it's hard to predict when you're ready for it. After a few classes, they feel confident enough to practice themselves, others need a couple of years. Focus on your feelings: no one, even the most experienced specialist, knows better than your body.

We're all unique, because we've got our own personal practice. Yet there are a number of general recommendations.

Councils for starting yoga practices

1. Tell the house to repeat what you did in the room, but don't copy blindly what you did to the instructor, adapt it, put it under yourself. Get creative.

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