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How To Start Teaching Yoga

How to change your life: the path of yoga

Куда податься?

Who was a rock musician, a Russian language teacher and literature

Who became yoga instructor; wrote the books " First Steps in yoga " and " Second steps in yoga "

Whatever I did! In the late lamb of lamb, it was such a fashion to play punk rock and work as palaces, watchmen and cats. That's what I did. But most of my conscious life I taught literature, Russian for foreigners. First at the university, then years, privately. I'm the graduate of the Philological Department of the MU, a classic predator. So the yoga didn't change the outside of my life, I taught, and I teach. Just another subject. I decided that this would be better after the reform of the education system: the EGE test was replaced by traditional pedagogy. And I'm bored to get the underwear for tests. Besides, your students are always teenagers and you're getting older. And you're not interested in them anymore, and they're with you. To start teaching yoga, it had to be reassigned from pedagogues to students for a while. I got the instructor's certificate, finishing the Pickers at Pran, the largest center. yoga in Moscow and throughout Russia. It's a very interesting feeling, with a 20-year-old teacher's internship, to get back to the party. Any adult could use that experience, take it from scratch. The main acquisition from yoga, I think, is that a yoga man can boldly cross his passport into his birthday. In 25-26, I wrote a song called the Old Goat. I mean myself! And now, 20 years later, there can be no such self-esteem. Yoga is not philosophical, not physical, and not religion. It's a bodywork and consciousness machine. Who serves any mentality, religious and atheistic, and agnostic.

Tatiana Morosov, 40

Who was: top manager in Nike and Meldform Metals Ltd., Royston, U.K.

Who became the co-owner and representative of Patanjali International Yoga Foundation (Piyf), Hardwar, India

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