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How To Start Yoga

Shatkarms - Cleaning Practices

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When I was 10 years old, my dad offered to wash my nose in the house. The spirit of a teenager ' s controversy at that time responded to a firm no, and since the word " yoga " was spoken in the conversation, I've put into my head for a long time that yoga is unpleasant, stupid and unnecessary. A year ago, a friend convinced me to do yoga, I tried and realized that childish beliefs were not entirely true. And recently, she completely broke up with them, testing the clean-up practices of the shuttle, including the great and terrible nose washing.

The label is translated as " six actions " . It is believed that this exercise should begin yoga practice. " Shatkarma, like meditation, is Internal yoga And only personal practice is that of Maria Mitrofanov, professor of the YogaDOM studio. - The contamination at the body level has a projection for the state of mind. As we do, we work with basic life-support systems - clearing noses, eyes, CPs - and finally feeling strong positive changes not only in the body, but also in the mind, in the depth of perceptions. " Shatcarmas are also equated with doshi, i.e., the energy ratio of different poems in the body, which is, in the aurvest, the bond of healthy and long life.

There are many cleaners, including:

- Neti jala (washing and purification of nose passages);

- waste (washing of eyes, eye gymnastics and the practice of close congestion);

- Capalabhati (page to purify respiratory paths and the front share of the brain);

- Pools (bdomestic motions of abdominal muscles for massing and strengthening of abdomen bodies);

- Toasts (white flushing through retraction and release of water through anus);

- Dhauti (different purification techniques of the digestive tract).

Many yoga practice. Under their leadership, it is possible to learn how to implement these minor procedures. That's what I did. I'll tell you about the first two practices today.

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