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How To Start Yoga From Scratch

How to do a yoga home is a start-up benefit

Занятия йогой и пилатес: в чем

Savasan The body.
How to start yoga home, we found out. And now about how to end the exercise.
Always finish a few minutes of relax. Get down on the floor, get your feet up a little bit, hands away from the body. Check all parts of your body, from your feet to your head, trying to concentrate on each individual and completely relax.

When you're fully relaxed, you'll re-examine your body and remove all the remaining tension. Help yourself with your breath, pretending to breathe all the tension and breathe fresh, clean air.

At the end of the exercise, pull over and turn over the side to get up, sit down for a few seconds before you get on your feet.

Joga as a profession: an interior print

On the question of how to start the yoga house properly, one of the key words is home. Professionals recommend that a calm corner be set up for class, wherever nothing distracts you from this spiritual and physical practice. However, yoga can be dealt with in any interrier: there are very different dwellings in this discipline. You want to see how yoga teachers live, go down the line.


In guests: Quarter 30 square metres of ethnonomic for yoga instructor
What the hell...
Tell me how you managed to start yoga home. Name the most effective, in your opinion, yoga exercises for starters♪ Share your secrets for the rapid re-establishment of shape in the comment section!

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