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How To Start Yoga Home From Scratch

How do you start doing yoga home?

Йога, философия и медицина

At least 1-2 months to go to the gym.


(1) If you're doing the video, you'll probably be looking at the screen, checking whether it's necessary or not to change the asan, and lifting your neck in many ass is very bad.

(2) No one can fix, fix, pull, and it's very important especially for newcomers, in the worst cases, it may be a wormhole tram, but so you just pull the wrong muscles and can fix the incorrect position of an asan that is difficult to correct.

At a minimum, in front of the mirror (but again the turn/up of the neck is bad) mistakes can be made even in the simplest ass, not always a person can understand the position of his back, his legs, his hips.

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