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I Want To Go To The Yoga House Where To Start

How to start yoga: 5 best inspiration videos

Как начать заниматься йогой: 5 лучших видео для вдохновенияYoga's not just a modular trend in recent years, it's a really good and useful practice for the health of the whole body. And if you still don't decide to buy a rug and come to practice, we've gathered a set of incredible videos for you, after which all the excuses go on their own!

You probably don't have enough time for sports, like most active women. But the opportunity to devote at least a few hours a week to keeping your body in good physical shape, you must have. It's good enough for yoga treatment. Even if you don't have any physical problems to solve, the yoga will still change your life to the best. On this video, you'll see how!

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Morning practice from Brioni Smith.
This girl shows that there's no limit to how skilled yoga drains human body.

Yoga on the ocean, Goa, 2011.
The guy saw this incredible girl on the beach and started shooting. He was watching her for 20 minutes, filming, it was a special moment, and he knew he'd remember him for a long time.

Sea yoga from Megan Curi.
Another inspiring yoga-practica underneath the whistle.

And yoga can be wrapped up in a couple, it's very sensual for both partners, and it creates real trust. Briony Smith and his husband have no doubt about this.

Well, for the last time...

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