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Joga Women ' S Start

Yoga and the women's start.

семинары для женщин

Despite the fact that our world has two sides -- men and women -- the men ' s view of things from the ancient world is more correct. Comparison, male and female logic. How many jokes do you think?

A similar situation exists in yoga. Most craftsmen are men, and women are most often newcomers who learn from men.

I'm sure a lot of women at the beginning of a yoga meeting a female professor who could teach all the prudences of this great practice. But most women learn men. And in time, the first begins to understand that, together with experience in practice, men ' s qualities are being accumulated. And sometimes men even predominate over the natural “women” inner world.

For a period of time, this state of affairs may give rise to women ' s admiration. But when women came to the world by a woman, maybe there's a woman's path to development and yoga?

Let's try to figure out how women's yoga path can be different from men.

Hatha-yoga is now portrayed as a whole training and has a greater male quality of power. Therefore, women practising the Huthu-yoga, following all the instructions of male teachers, are beginning to feel overtaken by men sooner or later.

The task of women ' s practice is to protect and preserve the accumulated, not to work with the limit or challenge itself. It doesn't make sense long in complex asanes that are difficult to perform and cause physical discomfort. It's better to lock down simple base positions and move softly towards difficult positions. In the start-up phase, only repeating the entrances and exits to the post. No record.

Founder Yogi 23 A. Sidersky wrote: " ... man is the point and woman is the flow. " Therefore, soft " flow " and " leakage " from Asana are more important. This melting adds to women ' s strength, tha ' s energy, and long-term fixation is the retention of men ' s " ha " .

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