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How do you start yoga class

9 причин никогда не начинать

Often I hear from people: " I'm not ready for yoga, I have a bad stretch. " That's a misconception about yoga at all. It's just that it's designed to develop the quality that you lack and to balance those that are in surplus. How to do that, we asked Natalia Kuzmicheva. The yoga teacher in Moscow, Natalia, is the co-sponsor of the Sat Nam Yoga Centre and the author of a special training programme for women.

♪ Natash, if a man never did yoga, why would he start?
♪ All the yoga begins with a sense of the rules of conduct: pit and nyama, and among them, primarily with the concept of " Achims " , non-violence. If you start doing very rianos and damage the joint, like it's gonna take six months, they don't recover so fast.

♪ How do we approach the choice of appropriate practice?
♪ By choosing a job, people tend to want to improve what they have so well. They want to lose weight. Who doesn't have a belly, they want the cubes to be even harder. And the predominant dosage is still trying to increase. And now she's already weighing 50 pounds, and she's gone, and still she's gonna lose weight. There's medical data: if the fat shell is less than 0, 8 centimetres, the menstrual cycle is automatically terminated. Organism starts to think that war and hunger can't happen. But the head should be on at this point and say, "Where are you?

♪ So what do you want to do?
♪ It's better to scan the whole body - if it's all right - joints, blood, internal organs. We have specialists in the center who can make general diagnostics. If there's been any irregularities, they're the first thing to do. And there's no point working with anything in common until the private problem is solved, it's still not going to let you develop. For example, if a woman has an uneven cycle, she needs specific women ' s practices, but not rigid practices that require greater physical effort.

If a man on Hatha-yoga is bored, there's a lot of good impressions (or special testimony, for example, to get rid of addictions), Cundalini yoga will come at first.

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