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Yoga, How Do You Get Home

How to start yoga: mistakes you'll make in the way of perfection

Девушка занимается йогой дома

The correct execution of asan is a complex and tense process. Apparently, that's why most of the newcomers, at the time of the start of the training, are categorically forgetting full breath.

When you're in and out, you're out of the right wave, and yoga doesn't make a difference. The right breathing during the class is even more important than the technician.

Error No. 2. I can do everything and I can.

Remember: the most important rule of yoga is the categorical prohibition of employment on the limit of opportunity. Of course, you have to work, not rest, but this job is to achieve full harmony of the body and spirit, not to make yourself immune.

Error No. 3. Yoga is a fashion alternative to annoying diet.

If your main goal is to lose weight with yoga, it's best to choose something different. There's a lot of alternative. Write on the beard, the aquaerobics, the pilates or go to the gym.

Yoga is an ancient art based on body reunion and consciousness. To treat her like a sport or a fitness, a real bone and ignorance. You don't have to accept the philosophy of yoga, it's just enough to make sense and sense. And then try to use that chance properly, trying to come to internal calm.

It's like cleaning a fish on Claude Monet's halfs.

Error No. 4. It's just a fitness center, only a wardrobe.

Today, it is easy to find centres that offer such conditions that can be started. It's like home.♪ Quiet and cozy, camera, uncomplicated equipment.

There's no time for travel at the other end of the city, but there's a wish to save money at the cost of buying a bonus? Smart choice of homework. In the first time, it will be necessary:

  • A suitable gymnasium carpet;
  • The clothes that make you comfortable.

Special devices such as bench, yoga belts and support blocks will be useful much later, and they are not necessary at the start-up stages.

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