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Yoga Is On The Way

6. from old yoga to yoga lights (first fire age)

Агни Йога


The word " yoga " comes from the Sunscratic root of the south, which means " connecting " . The Lithuanian root of the Sun (connection, yarmo) and the Russian word " igo " from the same root. The original meaning of the word “yoga” was very close to the word “yarmo”. The glaring root of the south meant joining something, charging for any purpose. Consequently, in the first sense, the root of the south was the idea of preparing for hard work, just as the usual European expression “to hide into something”.

Yoga is a system of moral self-improvement, which is part of many religious and philosophical concepts in India. The first objective of the training required by the yoga is to teach a person to be properly subordinate to the laws of moral and physical nature, as the yoga believes that it is subject to moral and spiritual excellence.

If the aim is to develop super-normal mental forces, work on it is called yoga. The same word is used to indicate the mental training necessary to achieve full control of thoughts and feelings in order to achieve spiritual excellence.

Космические легенды ВостокаThere are four main Yogis, Karma Yoga, Jana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga and Raja Yoga. These Yogahs are described in detail in four books written by the Indian philosopher Swami Vivekananda and published in 1914-1915; in Russian, they were published in Russia in pre-revolution time.

Karma Yoga There's a way to act. The secrecy of the right work, or the right work that Karma Yoga teaches, is to work for work, not for reward, results; to do, not care about the fruit, but simply to gain experience and develop its strengths and abilities. The investigator of this Yoga doesn't pay attention to the success or failure of his life, he's trying to do the best he can, trying to invest as much energy as he has.

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