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Yoga's A Starting Girl

Yoga for 50 people

Мостик начинающей

In mature and old age, it is important to maintain muscle tone and body flexibility. " The old age begins when we lose the movement of the joints " is said by Sri B.C. S. Ayengar. The challenge is even more important - not to hurt yourself, so class. yoga after 50 presupposes a good practice regime.

What exercises should we pay attention?

More worthy pos! Strengthening and moulding leg muscles will help to avoid many age problems associated with the loss of muscle elasticity and blood vessels. If it's hard to perform exercises, use the chair and table as a pillar.

Simple inclinations seated and standing It'll help you return the spine.

Inclinations must be compensated. bending♪ But be careful! Maybe you'd better use bending, blisters or special aroc.

Don't reindeer, remember the power exercises! You don't have to take the whole thing down. The elongated spine and the open joints shall retain the acquired freedom only if the muscles are held in this position. Reinforce the muscles of the press, hands, thigh, berry, back thoracic. It'll help you keep your ass, which means a normal bleeding of all the internal organs. The stress on the muscles also increases their energy potential, as if you load batteries. That's why people who do sports keep their beards and activity to the oldest.

Slight squeezes will revive the spine and help maintain the hormonal balance.

You don't have to do anything on yoga to someone who's 50

Don't get up on your head.♪ If you set the target, of course you will reach the level when standing on your head will benefit you without hurting your neck. But it's better not to accelerate this process.

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