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Basic classes in yoga:

Начало в понедельник

The training sessions are for people who have never done yoga by Ayengar before. For those who have ever done yoga and believe that they have a certain idea of it, this class will help put everything in place and prepare for conscious yoga classes. Take your time to drop this class, even if you were doing yoga and you think you have some idea about it.

The study class is practical. From your first class, you'll start to learn your positions. Physical load is relatively small. They teach not only what the yoga is, but also about the characteristics of the Ayengar method, explain how to use additional materials and monitor their body. In this class, teachers will answer all your questions, explain in detail how to do the job. Part of the information is available only in this class. Therefore, those who are already in the centre for a while sometimes come to the induction class to refresh their perceptions of the basis of practice. Come if you don't understand any of the starting points or experience difficulties in their implementation.

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