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Yoga Started The Video


15 minute video presented


Video duration: 26:17 minutes
File size: 53.4 Mb
Permission: 320*240

"It is now time for us to be fruit. It's the time of color. I think that in the next century we will be surrounded by beautiful people everywhere, we will not be disturbed by war, everything will be very peaceful, we will be in the kingdom of God."

Video duration: 10:01 min
File size: 20.5 Mb
Permission: 320*240

"I want to be a little as a duster... who's good, eating, lighting."

Video duration: 14:41 minutes
File size: 30.0 mb
Permission: 320*240

Southaj Jogi

Video duration: 10:03 minutes
File size: 20.6 Mb
Permission: 320*240

Search for freedom and release

Video duration: 07:17 minutes
File size: 15.0 Mb
Permission: 320*240

"No need to knock in the bell, they must be inside you."

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