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Joga for starters: not just a rug

In yoga for starters, it's important not to hide into three dead, but to build a body sharply. And that helps with yoga belts, blisters, blankets and backbones. I'll tell you how to use them.

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Starting, remember, in any ass, you must first maintain the same body position, not demonstrate the wonder of flexibility that is not yet available. For example, it's important to keep the back flat in a pashchimottanasan. In sarvangasan, it's dangerous to hide the chin in the chest and to smash the elbows on the side, which is how many of them stand for five minutes, considering that they've learned the pose. It's right to build a body that helps different yoga equipment, which should be used not only in complex asan, but even in the shavasan, the dead man's potion, and the Sukhasan, a simple potion with scattered legs. I decided to show you the most frequent mistakes in the ass and how to fix them.

Pashchimottanasana (through roll)

Sit down, feet straight. If you breathe, pull your hands and grab your thumbs. The relaxation option is to lower the hull and head on your knees.

Mistakes: folded back and knees, head in the shoulders. The relaxation option is the neck is tense.

If you can't reach the stop and keep your back and feet straight, use the yoga belt. Turn it around and hold it with your hands. The relaxation option: put the marshmallow on your knees and put your head on.

Gomukhasan (for cow) for hand

Raise your left hand up, put it in the elbow and put the palm on the spine, point your fingers down. Put your right hand in the elbow and put your hand outside between the shovel. Put the palms in the castle.

Errors: The elbows are directed to the side, the back is folded, the neck is tense.

Make it right, take both hands behind the yoga belt and leave that distance between the palms to keep your back straight.

Supta Padangustasan (because of the hijacking of his thumbs) 1

Lie on your back, raise your right leg and your hand up, grab your right hand with your thumb.

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