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Joga For Starters For Two

Acro yoga (lessons)

АКРО ЙОГА для начинающих

Looking for an interesting home? You want to try something really unusual and different from everything you've seen before? Then the acronym lessons are exactly what you need! Why? Because the acronyms combine classic yoga assanes, the dynamics of gymnastics, and the effectiveness of Thai massage. It seems that these three directions are completely different, but the acro-yoga proves otherwise. And we're sure you'll enjoy this technique and you'll always like it!

What's a yoga acro?

Acro-yoga is a unique tech that combines Hatha-yoga assan, acrobatic exercises and Thai massage techniques. Most importantly, this technique is for two, all of its poses are designed to be carried out in close cooperation with a couple (and with the help of a third person), and it is simply impossible to work alone.

Acro-yoga is one of the newest technicians, technically, it has been in existence for over a decade (the year 2003 is considered to be 2003), but the actual approaches of this technology have become much earlier. Also from the 1980s to the 1990s, a variety of technologies (including acro-balances, contact acronyms, steam acrobatican, etc.) have been introduced, reminding modern acronyms. But only since 2003 the acronym is officially in existence, and by today it has acquired millions of fans around the world.

This technique has several distinctive features that make it unique and unlike:

  • All ashanes are carried out literally in flight;
  • One of the pillars of the exercise is the mutual trust of partners who build together, always on the same wave;
  • The acronyms are also based on softness and balance;
  • Acro-yoga, unlike many other techniques and practices, is fun, very pleasant and easy (although requires some training).

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