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Yoga For Start-Up Photos For Two Children

Мария СувороваI've been for kids from 4 to 6 and 7 to 11 years!

Currently, yoga is one of the most popular areas of adult physical culture. But now, your children have the opportunity to do an incredibly useful yoga organism.

The 6-11-year-old Yoga is on Saturday from 11:00 to 12:00.

4-6-year-old children (at 1600-17.00) It's coming!

It has been shown that yoga schoolchildren are more disciplined, better trained and less exhaustive.Ганюченко Юля Young people will be able to support uniforms at the same time and increase their self-esteem, self-confidence.

The practice of yoga for children has been relatively recent. Of course, your babies are far from worsening or shape maintenance issues than adults are. But the experience of many children who started yoga from their early age shows that in their lives they are much easier and more successful.

Regular exercises help them to grow creative and energetic in nature, which have excellent health, tranquillity, large collection, focus, and at the same time, unstandard solutions to working and life problems are always found.

PREVENTION OF YOGS FOR CHILDREN Integrity of exposure: Fizicci (intension of immunity; development of the movability of joints, strengthening of deep muscles and thus improving the oscillation, addressing digestive problems, continuing vision), PSIHIC (intention of brain activity; sleep becomes stronger; psychosis becomes more sustainable)


Children ' s yoga classes, like adults, consist of a number of stages. It's self-sustaining, learning about parts of its body, knowing how it works, stretching, retracting gymnastics. The next part is the Hatha-yoga for the kids, the joint is muscle and eye gymnastics.

Макарова ИнгаDuring school, the child will know Basic Asan For children. Little children are much easier to absorb yoga ass than adults because their young bodies are still very flexible and consciousness is not clouded. Classic asanes should be practised from 14 years, but a adapted, lighter version of the yogova poles, more resembling fun gymnastics, can be performed from five years to six years. Not all ashanes are simple in performance, and it's a plus, because they help the child develop the strength of will, sensitivity and learning a lot about itself.

Марина Гуковская Петрова Ирина Дмитрий Ивашин Корнеева Ксения

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