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Yoga Poses For Two Starters In Pictures

Yoga exercises for starters in the system

йога с партнером

Operation 3. Only hands are used as an active element in the Dao-in system. They should be lost or shaken as soon as the wrist starts, hemorrhage, nervous power movement and energy flow are intensified (Figure 3, p. 3). In doing so, there is a concerted activity of the main parts of the meridians of the lungs, bleeds and sexual functions, as well as the meridian of the heart, their instigation or sedation. Meridians are distinct “canals” (externally neither blood vessels nor nerve fibers) by linking external bodies to internal, whole skin surface with muscle and bone material. The body of a man is under 14 major meridians. When the body is subversive, the flow of energy is directed to a single body, while as a result of the process of calming, the ejectable energy " ki " is spread throughout the body and stimulates its functions. The process of calm therefore effectively provides a much more effective incentive than tone.
Operation 4. Flexibility testing for fingerprints is an important test of the general condition of the body. The fingers shall be easily and painlessly reversed when applied, reaching a position at right angles to the palm (Figure 3 for 4a). Another way of checking the condition of the joints is to try to clutch hands when the hands are diagonally behind the back. The slight movement of hands in one direction, along with some tension, stimulates the meridians of the urine bladder, heart, thintestine and lungs (Figure 3, post 4B).
Operation 5. The meridians of lungs, hearts, bleeds and sexual functions are stimulated by alternate lung cracking free of wrists. At the same time, the fingers of the hand that are punctured are slightly folded into the fist, and the force of puncture is determined by the weight of the fist (Figure 3, For 5).
Operation 6. There are the most important points of the acupuncture around the wrist. This exercise stimulates not only meridians in depth, but also meridians walking outside the upper wrist (Figure 3, p. 6).
Operation 7. Rotation of thumbs (Figure 3, Pos 7), as well as all other fingers, contributes to encouraging the ends of the meridians. Okay, pulmonary meridians. ♪ ♪

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