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Yoga Starts Two Videos

Acronyms for starters

и видео с вариантами асан

Acronyoga is a steam yoga that combines elements of yoga, acrobaticism and healing art. During the session, one partner serves as a backbone, while the second moves from one position to another in practically air, relying only on another person. The founders of this yoga style are the Mexican Jason Nemer and the American Jenny Sauer Klein. If the partners are experienced and well feeling each other, their actions seem unbelievable, as if they were at the Cirque du Soleil.

The essence of the acronyo is to be in the moth and in balance with another person.

There are three roles in the acronym: base (base), flyer and fear.

Basis - is the person who has the largest number of points of contact from the ground or the floor. The main points of contact with the pilot partner are feet and hands. The foundation is the embodiment of sustainability, stability.

Lucky. - it's the man who's actually flying, which means he's doing a series of poles in the air, moving from one to another. It is an expression of freedom, dynamism and balance.

Fearing is the man who's watching both partners. Its mission is to ensure their safety and to capture the pilot in case of danger.

Against: Refrigeration and propulsion system (multiples with joints) and increased arterial pressure.

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